Wedding and event venue issues continue at Tinicum


Lebowitz Cliff

As a proposal for a new wedding and event venue on Creamery Road in Tinicum continues to move forward, concerns remain among its neighbors.
At the public supervisory board meeting on August 17, officials proposed tabling approval of a “draft settlement agreement” that limited the months of operation; end times for music and events; and the number of attendees, but had yet to address concerns from neighbors about attendees leaving the property late in the evening to unfamiliar country roads, when it was likely not uncommon only in driving conditions less than optimal.
The matter was left for consideration of the township engineer’s comments on the effective leadership of the outgoing participants, and also with the understanding that he had yet to see a final development plan that could generate further comments.
The proposal was initially presented to supervisors at their town hall meetings last September, when officials noted that the area was zoned for commercial purposes and the township might have to approve it at some level, due to the 1971 law to the state requiring municipalities to offer a variety of zoning. categories in addition only residential.
Since then, the proposal was to be the subject of a public meeting of the Zoning Hearing Council, and the Engineer and Zoning Officer had agreed that the proposal constituted a permitted use of the Zoning Board. property.

The original proposal included a request for 14 waivers of the township zoning ordinance. Neighborhood residents Michael McIntyre and Ted Fahey listed various concerns last September, related to what they saw as a challenge to the “essential character” of their neighborhood, where residents often walk, jog and cycle. and presented a petition with 30 signatures, opposing what they called “like a nightclub in our midst”, with the number of participants going up to 180. The draft agreement of regulation proposed a limit of 175.

Also at the August 17 meeting, a nearby resident, who said she represented the family in the township, asked if supervisors were working to restore their police force to four officers, which was the staff level up to. ‘departing former chef Matt Phelan for another job. The workforce was five before the departure of Phelan’s predecessor for another post.

Supervisor Rich Rosamilia responded that one of them had also held a teaching position and supervisors had asked chef Nicole Madden to report on staffing needs. He added that they were now awaiting Madden’s response to other questions they posed after his report was presented.

At the start of the August 17 meeting, Supervisor Chairman John Blanchard announced that the township had nominated Director of Public Works Doug Skelton for the Small Town America Civic Volunteer Awards, “in addition to his position here.”

Blanchard noted that Skelton “served in the two volunteer fire companies in our township; was the first volunteer Emergency Management Coordinator in Tinicum Township, including drafting our first plan, before it was required; and he is also largely responsible for facilitating the partnership with the township substation to minimize response times during the day at Tinicum, in order to alleviate the shortage of available volunteers.

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