Top Cuvée celebrates the Beaujolais Nouveau festival with a wine festival


A fun wine fact for you. Traditionally, the third Thursday of each November is known as the Journée du Beaujolais Nouveau, which is the day on which the first bottles of the year of gamay varietal wine from the Beaujolais region of France are allowed to be released. be sold. It is kiiiiiiind of a big deal.

One of the few plonk to be sold the same year it is produced, something of a cult surrounds Beaujolais Nouveau and Top Cuvée is not immune to such a thing. This year, they will meet in the festivities with their own Beaujolais Nouveau festival.

Taking place on – when else? – On November 18 at their OG Finsbury Park site, the natural wine team will be offering a special Lyon-inspired menu accompanied by the best bottles from this year’s harvest, to be drunk as soon as they are authorized to be.

At £ 90 per person, the menu looks a bit like this: celeriac and crab remoulade, retired dairy cow sirloin steak with Jerusalem artichoke puree, Lyonnaise onion, chard and Bordeaux sauce and to finish a tart à la brown sugar and brandy. Do we dare to let an “ooh la la” come out of our lips? We dare.

To make things a little more daring, Top Cuvée is risking its life ahead of Beaujolais Nouveau Day by giving visitors to their Blackstock Road and Bethnal Green Road outposts the chance to break through the safe in which a bottle already rests. de Beaujolais Nouveau 2021.

If you manage to find the code and get to the bottle before November 18, owners Brodie Meah and Max Venning will give you the keys to the business, as they will be forever barred from the wine world for violating the embargo. on alcohol. Well that’s what they say … it looks like they might have had supper in the forbidden bottle already.

Top Cuvée 177B Blackstock Road, N5 2LL

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