RiotX Arcane event site is live, featured with visual novel set in Piltover and Zaun


If you’ve been a big fan of Riot Games’ recent forays into visual novel-style work in the League of Legends client, then you will be happy to know that the RiotX Arcane event brought a similar experience to the developer’s official site.

In the visual novel, the player is immersed in the world of Esoteric, where they will meet various popular characters from the world of Runeterra. Familiar faces like Caitlyn and Heimerdinger are some of the first champions encountered, but other regions and champions can be found as users explore the map.

Screenshot via Riot Games

You can visit specific areas around the city, although a handful more are still locked. It is assumed that these areas will be unlocked as the rest of the RiotX Arcane event continues this month.

In the game, players will need to complete small quests to move the story forward, from full map research, puzzle games, and mini games. They aren’t too complicated, but they add spice to a world full of surprises.

Screenshot via Riot Games

There are also in-game rewards for all Twitch Prime users which can be found in the Arts District portion of the map. They can be claimed by moving to the left side of the area and clicking on the small icon that hovers over a small Jinx grenade.

Have fun and get ready for a whole month of amazing world building and games with RiotX Arcane. You can start watching the Esoteric animated series on Netflix on November 6.

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