Mortgage in Loosea and on Mortgage Loans

Did you know this about a pledge of pledge? If you buy a car and at the same time enter into an agreement on a loan with a mortgage, you will in this connection sign the debt note and at the same time sign a statement giving the creditor mortgage rights in the car (mortgage).

The mortgage is registered in the motor vehicle register

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The compulsory collection of loans with mortgage rights in movable property is regulated by Sections 8-1 and 8-2 of the Enforcement Act. Regarding the benefits, see the Mortgage Act § 3-21, first and second paragraph. Mortgage bond, mortgage loan and loan with collateral in the access document.

Mortgage loans are linked directly to a mortgage bond. The mortgage bond is a debt document and a document that guarantees the lender a mortgage on real estate or other assets. As with a mortgage loan, a mortgage bond is also usually issued in connection with a mortgage loan, where the borrower must, by signing, acknowledge having borrowed a certain amount to be repaid within a certain time.

For effective mortgage bonds, the loan terms are listed on the bond itself. This means that the bond also acts as a promissory note. Effective mortgage bonds rarely occur in a private context.

Mortgage bond, real estate mortgage

Mortgage bond, real estate mortgage

The issuer (the lessee) states in the bond text that he owes a certain amount of money and that he pledges the specified values ​​as collateral for the loan, such as a home, or an ideal half of the house if one is cohabiting or married and has joint ownership. . In practice, this means that each of the parties owns 50% of a joint ownership. This way of sharing ownership provides, inter alia, the assurance that one party cannot pledge or act without the other’s knowledge or acceptance in such a way that the other becomes injured.

The homeowner is the one listed on the joint and who is registered as the rightful owner of, for example, a dwelling or a plot in the basic ledger. The mortgage bond is on a par with a regular debt note equipped with access to direct recovery (without going through the settlement council). This is regulated in compulsory sections 10-1 and 10-2.

In addition to the promissory note and the mortgage bond, the borrower must also sign a pledge. The relationship between the debt note and the mortgage bond is shown in the pledge statement, which also gives the lender access.