More than 4,000 kg of waste recycled on the event site | Indore News

Indore: Over 4,500 kg of waste was generated and recycled during the three days of the Motor Show, making it a zero waste event.
Of the total waste, 4,200 kg was dry waste and the rest was wet waste which, after separation on site, was treated and recycled for further use.
The use of single-use plastic was banned during the show and flex, banners and signage were printed on environmentally friendly material.
Captain Sunpreet Singh, Director of the Waste Management Company Committed to Waste Management at the Motor Show, said: “Proper planning and implementation of the Zero Waste SOP led to the successful implementation of the zero waste model during the event. No single-use plastic items were used during the event and disposable plastic items were also banned. We provided zero waste handling training to all housekeepers and volunteers engaged in the show.
A mini processing unit was set up on site where the collected waste was separated into six different categories – dry, wet, hazardous, sanitary, e-waste and plastic waste.
Trash cans, bags and colored signs have been placed at different points of the event for the sorting of waste at source.
All dry waste after separation into different categories was handed over to recyclers and processors for reuse. For the treatment of wet waste and food scraps, four mobile composting trucks were placed on the site to convert the waste into organic compost. TNN

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