Monterey Financial Services offers programs to work with lenders to help the underserved market with financing options


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With thirty years of experience supporting clients and a reputation for integrity, Monterey Financial helps clients navigate confusing lending options.

Our customers rely on us to make sure they get the most out of their consumer credit programs. We are taking all measures to stay one step ahead of changing regulatory conditions and economic changes … ”

– Shaun Lucas

OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 4, 2021 / – Monterey Financial Services invests in sharing its knowledge to help all companies make smart choices around their finance programs. Monterey Financial The services provide cutting-edge results delivering superior solutions and performance to businesses looking for alternative financing options, consumer finance programs, loan services and debt collection solutions. To help Americans improve their credit, Monterey works with clients to offer in-house financing programs that make it easier for this market to buy while helping to build credit, maintain lines of credit, and maintain cash balances. current, and increase their FICO scores. .

“Our customers rely on us to make sure they get the most out of their consumer credit programs. We take all measures to stay ahead of changing regulatory conditions and economic changes. The financial aid programs we implemented in April 2020 during Covid have been crucial in keeping our customers’ recovery rates high while supporting the consumer base during a tumultuous time, ”said Shaun Lucas , President and CEO of Monterey Financial Services.

Three common questions
Monterey’s respected reputation is aligned with its mission statement: to empower every business to maximize sales through financing while maximizing cash recovery. Here are the top three questions Monterey receives from its customers:

Question # 1: Should we offer a financial assistance program when consumers have been taxed?
Each company we work with is committed to the well-being of its customers. We take our role as a financial institution seriously and offer a financial assistance program to customers in financial difficulty during this time of Covid. Not only has this benefited many consumers, but it has also helped increase recovery for our customers.

Question # 2: Should we be offering interest free financing options?
It is important to choose an appropriate interest rate based on state compliance, customer and product costs. While low interest rate options benefit the consumer by lowering their overall cost, the underwriting guidelines our clients decide to use can determine which consumers are eligible for lower interest rates. Many of our customers will choose higher but compliant interest rates and offer a cash-like promotion period that gives consumers the option to pay interest-free.

Question 3: Should we consider collection work on overdue accounts after their write-off?
Some businesses choose not to continue their collection efforts after a specific time frame (i.e. 120 days) because they are concerned about consumer complaints. Monterey Financial prioritizes customer service and professionalism while helping consumers find solutions to financial difficulties and ensures consumers’ future access to credit and services. Our commitment to respectability means that our overall percentage of complaints to the total number of accounts is 0.002%. We use voice analytics to ensure compliance and professionalism, which helps us keep this rate incredibly low. Low complaint rates are critical to our clients’ bottom line as the collection agency adds significant revenue to our clients.

Visit Monterey Financial Services for more information on servicing loans and bad debt collection, financing, investment opportunities, and more. With thirty years of service, you know you’re in good hands with Monterey or all of your financial services needs. Contact us for any inquiries here or call 1-800-456-2225.


About Monterey Financial Services
Monterey’s Mission Statement: Empower Every Business to Optimize
the growth of their sales and the recovery of their cash flow. Monterey Financial Services has built a reputation for unparalleled customer service, developing tailor-made capital solutions for businesses selling products and services to consumers. Solutions are designed to meet the needs of customers, whether they bundle Monterey services or use what meets their specific needs. With services such as consumer credit, option-to-buy lease finance, loan servicing, custodial services and bad debt collections, customers have the opportunity to take advantage of consumer receivables. of all credit classifications and all stages of the receivables lifecycle. With industry-leading results, Monterey remains committed to combining the best technology with its talented staff to achieve a primary goal for its clients of optimizing portfolio performance. For more information, please visit the company’s website at

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