Lenders One prepares for the annual summit


A cooperative of lenders will start his Annual summit in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, August 8. The co-op will present a keynote address by Frank Abagnale of “Catch Me If You Can” fame, and feature an industry panel, including moderator Clayton Collins and panelists Andrew Bon Salle, Kathy Kraninger and Brian Montgomery . The Summit includes member-only networking sessions and training sessions designed to help members discover new opportunities and strategies for today’s market and beyond.

Since the last Summit in March 2020, Lenders One has welcomed 40 new members and launched initiatives to help our members improve their performance and profitability. These initiatives were developed in response to feedback received from the Advisory Board and members of Lenders One.

  • Credit L1: L1 Credit offers comprehensive credit reports approved by Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs) and other Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) related products required to fabricate a loan, including fraud reports, notifications Debt Undisclosed (UDN), Employment Verification (VOE), Asset Verification (VOA), Tax Return Information (4506-T) and Social Security Verification Reports (SSV).
  • Lenders One Loan Automation (LOLA): This quarter, the beta of Lenders One loan automation technology launched as LOLA, an in-house developed, cloud-based technology solution designed to automate loan manufacturing processes to improve efficiency. operational.

Additionally, since the last summit, Lenders One has added 18 preferred vendors and two new capital markets solutions.

New Preferred Suppliers

  • Awesome Technologies: Software development, data insights, integrations, managed services and operational excellence in mortgage lending.
  • Capacity: An AI-powered mortgage support automation platform that connects your technology stack to answer questions, automate repetitive tasks, and create solutions to any business challenge.
  • Connections: A software-as-a-service (SaaS) appraisal management system used by lenders to manage appraisal order assignment, quality control, communication, reporting and compliance.
  • DocuSign: An electronic signature platform that speeds up deal closing, eliminates manual tasks, and makes it easier to connect to the tools and systems you already use.
  • Empower – Black Knight: A Loan Arrangement System (LOS) that offers advanced features to increase efficiency and speed, reduce operating costs, and improve the home buying experience.
  • Experience : A global leader focused on empowering modern mortgage transformation through unique data, analytics and innovations.
  • Finigre: A smart grid offering business automation and electronic payments for the intermediary service.
  • Free form: A fintech that builds a more accurate, efficient and inclusive lending market by automating the verification of assets, employment and income through powerful intelligence in a single report.
  • HPA, a conscious company: The leading RPA as a service provider for mortgage companies looking for secure and reliable intelligent automation solutions.
  • LOS Fusion: Offers custom integration-based LOS / API development solutions, plug-ins and workflow automations for mortgage lenders and sellers.
  • National IM: A private mortgage insurance company whose mission is to empower borrowers with low down payments to become homeowners, while protecting lenders and investors against losses associated with a borrower’s default.
  • Ocrolus: A fintech platform that turns mortgage documents into digital data and analytics for faster, more informed loan decisions.
  • PeirsonPatterson LLP: A financial services-focused law firm with over 35 years of industry experience providing document review services for all 50 states through a network of attorneys.
  • RiskExec: A SaaS reporting and analysis platform for HMDA, CRA, redlining, fair lending and fair service.
  • Secure preview: A robust, cost-effective and waterproof defense against fraud and wire fraud.
  • The big selling point: An efficient and inexpensive point of sale system designed by industry professionals offering the best URLA web applications.
  • Transunion: A global information and knowledge company that makes confidence in the modern economy possible.
  • Vanner: A powerful database of state and federal regulatory requirements used to generate surveys and research tailored to business type, licensing, financial product type, and location of offerings built with Buckley LLP.

New Capital Markets Providers

  • Home bank: A relationship-driven team whose mortgage expertise offers warehouse lines of credit tailored to your unique business needs.
  • ServiceMac: An independent subcontractor providing lenders, investors and other mortgage managers with customized solutions that span the mortgage life cycle.

Further strengthening the Lenders One cooperative, Lenders One welcomes Regional Directors Lindsay Anders, CMB and Marty Jennings, as well as Vice President of Strategy and Operations Dimitrios Georgakakis, MBA.

“We are thrilled with the tremendous growth we have seen over the past year in all areas of the co-op amid pressures on the industry and a pandemic,” said Justin Demola, CMB, President by Lenders One. “We are also excited about the number of active projects in our pipeline that should continue to help members improve profitability and better compete with larger, well-funded mortgage lenders. I’m excited for what’s to come.

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