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There is no doubt that Riot Games League of Legends has become a smash hit when it comes to esports. However, in 2020 the company took the legend forward with the release of an all new card game related to the game.

This game was Legends of Runeterra and since its release it has grown into one of the most popular esports card games in the world today. Not only that, but there are now Legends of Runeterra esports tournaments being organized and of course that means Legends of Runeterra bets will be available on these events.

So what is Legends of Runeterra and how does it work? How do you play the game and what esports tournaments are you likely to find bets on on Legends of Runeterra? Finally, what are the best Legends of Runterra betting sites available to you right now?

In this article, we’ll explore the answers to all of these questions, starting with the most basic.

What is Legends of Runeterra?

Legends of Runeterra is a free digital collectible card game. It is published by Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends and uses locations and characters from the League of Legends universe as the setting for the game.

The game sees one player take on another by using cards from their deck to try and defeat their opponent using various cards and strategies in the game.

The game was nominated for Best Mobile Game at the Game Awards in 2020, while it was named iPad Game of the Year in the same year by Apple.

It has been praised by many industry experts for the lack of paid items that caused the downfall of many similar card collector games and the ease with which players can upgrade their decks relatively quickly and easily without having to. spend money.

How do you play Legends of Runeterra?

While playing Legends of Runeterra, you will face another opponent. Each player begins the game with four cards chosen at random from their personal card deck. Each player also receives a Nexus with 20 health points and their mana is zeroed.

Before the game begins, each player can exchange any of the four cards they have drawn for four different cards randomly selected from their deck.

The game begins with both players receiving their first mana gem, one player also receives the attack token, which means that on the next game turn they will attack. The other player receives the defense token.

At the end of each turn, attack and defense tokens are exchanged between players, and players also gain additional mana gems.

Each card has a mana cost, and you must have the gems available to play the card. Attacks can be blocked by defensive cards, but if no defense is in play, the attacking player can strike the enemy player’s Nexus, costing them life.

The first player to reduce their opponent’s Nexus health score to zero wins the game.

With each passing turn, the number of Mana Gems a player receives increases to a maximum of ten per turn. All unused mana cards become spell mana, which can be used to cast spell cards.

Once a card has its health reduced to zero, it is destroyed and cannot be used again in the game unless it is revived or otherwise picked up.

Are there any Legends of Runeterra esports tournaments to watch out for?

Yes, Riot Games has announced that it will host a Legends of Runeterra World Championship in late September 2021, with a guaranteed prize pool of $ 200,000 for the event.

Sixteen players will advance to the final, six from America and five from Asia and Europe. A series of regional qualifiers will determine who the qualified players from each of these regions are.

No doubt there will be plenty of Legends of Runeterra bets available on this massive event when it takes place later in the year.

There is also a weekly Giant Slayer Fight Night tournament held for players from across Europe.

Legends of Runeterra Roadmap

Where can I find the best Legends of Runeterra betting sites?

Since betting on Legends of Runeterra is still in its infancy, as the game gains in popularity and more sports betting sites start to cover the game, it is best to stick with proven and trusted suppliers when it comes to finding legends. of Runeterra betting sites.

Some fantastic options that you can consider are GG.Bet esports, which is a specialty sports betting site that also offers crypto betting, as well as sports betting in addition to its extensive sports betting service.

Bet365 esport also has an extensive esports betting section, which can often cover some of the less popular esports from time to time.


  • How can I bet now on Legends of Runeterra?

The easiest way to bet on Legends of Runeterra right now is to go to a site that tends to offer this particular esports betting option. GG.bet or bet365 esport are good options to start.

  • Can you bet on Legends of Runeterra?

When Legends of Runeterra tournaments are played, there are a number of betting sites that offer esports odds on these tournaments.

  • Is Legends of Runeterra playable?

Yes, you can play Legends of Runeterra. You just need to have a Riot account (or sign up for one), then download and install the game to start playing.

  • Does Legends of Runeterra pay to win?

No. While you can choose to purchase in-game items to improve your deck, there are also relatively easy ways for players to build their own quality decks relatively quickly. Players can get all the cards available in Legends of Runeterra without having to pay any money if they want to.

  • Can you play Legends of Runeterra on PC?

Yes, a PC version of the Legends of Runterra Slot Machine is available to play with the downloadable versions in the App Store and on Google Play.


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