How much money should I have to travel?


You are here for a reason, do you want to travel the world for a while? Do you want to take a unique vacation? You have questions and we answer.

To travel you just have to be very creative in the way of saving and investing your money. Now you can save and calculate approximately how much you need to travel … so start packing your things to accompany us on this journey.

You must be financially responsible

You must be financially responsible

We all start here. At some point in your life have you received financial education? Your answer is probably no. Money management is something that is learned, most of us do not master the basics until we are adults.

If you want to save money to travel, this is a good time to review these basics, and perhaps solve some of those bad financial habits that we all acquire throughout our lives.

Track your expenses

Track your expenses

Money itself is not stressful, don’t you know what you are doing to your money? Are you afraid to check your bank balance? That’s where all the stress happens. Tracking your expenses is an important part of learning where you can cut or even eliminate your expenses.

How much do I need to travel?

How much do I need to travel?


The first expense that you must take into account to travel is the one of the passages, we will put fictitious amounts since we do not know directly the country to which you will travel, but surely it will give you an idea of ​​what you must spend:

Budget: Q5,000.00


Another of the big questions to assess the cost of the trip has to do with accommodation, surely after knowing how much you will spend on flights, you start asking yourself about the accommodation.

The first thing you should do is define the cities you want to visit and how much you are willing to spend. For accommodation we suggest using Airbnb because it has a wider range of services than traditional hotels or hostelsBudget: Q356.00 (Average per night)


We are going in saving mode right? There is a popular popular menu that consists of soup, rice or pasta, meat, salad, water and its price is around Q50.00. But you can also cook if you have the alternative, this may be cheaper.

Tourist attractions

The prices of visits to the sites of interest can be expensive, depending on the tourist influx, in this case you must make your own accounts.

What expenses would you add? Take the trip of your dreams! D free download your list organize your life and your financial goals.