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Members of the Dare County Tourism Authority’s Soundside event site ad hoc advisory committee held a virtual meeting on Wednesday to discuss design options for a multi-purpose facility at the event site.

Opening the 85-minute session, Dare County Tourism Board executive director Lee Nettles said he hoped the meeting would help members understand what a net usable space of 30,000 and 20 would look like. 000 square feet and, more importantly, how it adapts to different types of use. that were discussed.

Paul McKeever, an architect from TVS Design in Atlanta, presented a number of options related to ideas via a video link.

While viewing slides with several different layouts, McKeever explained that a building with 20,000 square feet of net usable space would actually need additional space for a meeting room, bathrooms, storage space. and kitchen, increasing the total gross structural space to 45,000 square feet.

According to McKeever, the key to almost any use is storage space for equipment, chairs, and tables.

“You never have enough storage space,” McKeever explained. “Increased flexibility almost always dictates more storage space. “

He added, however, that there are options and techniques to help maximize the use of storage areas. One method focused on the bleachers.

The bleachers are used for basketball, volleyball and other sporting events. The trade-off is that portable bleachers allow more flexibility on space, while retractable bleachers that push into a wall are easier to use.

McKeever went on to say that an open floor area of ​​20,000 square feet would allow grounds for pickleball, basketball, wrestling, gymnastics and other sporting events. Partitions divide the room for an event on one side and a separate dining room on the other. And multiple entry channels would allow separate simultaneous events at the same time.

Another design option is to design one side with an opening to an open field area. This not only opens up more space for concerts and similar events, but also allows potential for future expansion. Almost any design would accommodate outside concessions.

As the discussion progressed, Nettles emphasized that whatever the plan is, it must fit within Nags Head’s guidelines.

The minimum 35-foot ceiling required for volleyball could collide with city building height limits. Another restriction is that currently Nags Head limits buildings other than hotels to a total of 20,000 square feet.

Meeting this limit would restrict an installation to a 10,000 square foot room with backstage support space making the difference. A reduced facility would be limited to three pickleball courts, a banquet of 550 people and 1,000 people at a concert.

Ralph Buxton took a moment to point out that often enough space for local events may not be what is needed for larger tournaments, if larger tournaments are the goal.

“It’s good to know what tournament level you want,” McKeever added.

As expected, a more athletic facility would benefit from changing rooms and Michael Dianna questioned the wisdom of spending the money on a facility used for a few tournaments.

Tonia Choen replied that talking about sports doesn’t mean there is a push for sports. The emphasis continues to be on multiple uses.

Of course, trying to determine the best building size will probably first require deciding how the building will be used.

However, as Liz Askew pointed out, whatever the use, the biggest challenge may be meeting the demands of Nags Head.

Nettles then added that Nags Head officials will not offer a yes or no based on hypothetical uses. Specific details with a reason for them will be needed for a notice.



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