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Transport house opened a few days ago and, given the crowds, it has already hit its stride. The kitchen went to great lengths to keep up with the already packed restaurant, but everyone, including Chef Mark Steuer, always had a smile on their face.

In case you haven’t heard, Carriage House is a Southern Netherlands restaurant focused on South Carolina food, Steuer’s childhood home. In fact, there is a giant image of this childhood home on the wall. The menu includes many classic Southern dishes (shrimp and oatmeal, coleslaw, cornbread, cookies, pork and beans) but will expose many Chicagoans to a whole new breed of Southern cuisine.

This southern version isn’t heavy or oily, and it has a heavy seafood focus. Charleston Crab Soup, an iconic dish of the region, is finished with sherry and tastes like a rich bisque. slightly funky seafood. The roast oyster from the Netherlands brings the heat of the grill to the fresh taste of oysters, accompanied by bacon and leeks. A “picnic board” is filled with marinated eggs, marinated shrimp, sliced ​​country ham and chili cheese. If you’re up for a challenge, try eating Low Country Boil yourself; a huge cast-iron pot of rabbit sausage, corn on the cob, shrimp, clams and red potatoes. Round out your meal with a full list of cocktails from mixologist Michael Simon.

Check out the descriptions in the captions and make reservations – we think it’s going to stay packed for a while.

Carriage House is located at 1700 W. Division St ..

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