Daily Delivery Tour: Take a Bite of France with These Waimai Options

The options for taking your taste buds on a trip around the world are pretty amazing here in the capital – so we take it upon ourselves to focus on the culinary works of a new country or region each day.

First Tex-Mex, then Vietnamese, and now we move on to France.

Ledu Bakery Croissant

Although croissants are quite a contested thing everywhere – we personally prefer croissants from Vespa, but others have highly recommended those from Palette Bakery in Dongzhimen – this one from Ledu Bakery isn’t too shabby.

It has a decent amount of butter and it’s light and fluffy, not too crumbly or crunchy. Pair it with a latte (for a steal of 36 RMB in total) and you have a nice quick breakfast. Find it on Meituan by searching for 老杜面包 lǎo dù miànbāo.

Pancakes from PANORAMA

If there’s one thing this Beijing institution, located in the Courtyard 4 district of Sanlitun, is known for, it’s pancakes.

They have a number of interesting savory options. There’s the Bollywood (RMB 72), with chicken curry, emmental cheese, onions and peppers; and the Padrino (RMB 76) which offers Parma ham, arugula, pepper, feta and cherry tomatoes, to name a few of the most interesting options.

But a classic is always best, and their Old Classic (RMB 68) does not disappoint. It’s ham, egg, emmental and parsley folded between their thin and rustic buckwheat pancakes.

Roots French Baguette

The restaurant may not be particularly French, but people we spoke to swear by the Root’s baguette. At just 10 RMB, it’s easy to forget, but this baguette is just as it should be: crispy on the outside with a chewy, chewy and flavorful interior. Upgrade it with the garlic bread option (RMB 36) for something a little more decadent.

submachine gun of the Maison Lyonnaise

So this sandwich actually comes from Belgium, but it is said to have originated in Wallonia, a French-speaking part of the country near the border with France. The sandwich, which sees meat, cheese, fries and a special sauce all loaded into a baguette, gets its name machine gun (aka submachine gun) because the wand looks like a gun and the fries look like bullets.

The Lyonnaise House machine gun (RMB98 for a set with dessert and soft drink) comes with either chicken or beef plus what can only be described as a killer sauce, all in a baguette topped, of course, with fries.

La Maison also has a number of delivery options available now, from three-course lunches to duck confit and more. Scan the QR code in the poster to order.

Bistro 108 Breakfast and Roast Sets

Besides its impressive art deco-inspired interiors, Bistro 108 also prides itself on being a restaurant for families and the community at large. In line with this, they have a number of sets available now for groups, individuals, and even children.

Their Home Office Lunch Sets (RMB 108), which debuted this week, offer a choice of starter and main course with dessert. Their homeschooling meal set (RMB 78) for kids includes a choice of main courses plus juice and a few snacks (can’t go wrong with veggie sticks and a mini chocolate bread).

For groups or four to six, there are roast sets available. Roast chicken (RMB 358) and stewed leg of lamb (RMB 498) each come with roast potatoes, a plethora of vegetables and to top it all off, a classic French baguette is also included in the mix .

Scan the QR above or in the posters to order.

Flo Group Home Kitchen Sets

Finally, the folks at Flo Group are looking to make home cooking a little easier with their sets.

The sets come with a variety of items from the Group’s stores and restaurants that you can whip up at home for a weekday or weekend feast. Scan the QR codes in the poster below to order.

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Images: Sergio Arze (via Unsplash), Pekingese, Courtesy of Locations

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