Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins: live preseason chat and game info



After another week of joint training, the Miami Dolphins and the Atlanta Falcons face off this afternoon in what will serve as the two teams’ second preseason competition. Expect, at least at the start of the game, to see the starters of both teams, as this is only the second game of the season yet. But as with the first game, the starters will quickly give way to the second, third, etc., teams, as the coaches work to determine their final rosters. As usual, the head coach of both teams did not disclose until the game how long to expect the starters to play.

As this is the first season of just three preseason games, against the four standards the league has been putting in place for years, Game 3, or next week’s game, will now serve as the game’s game. Team “dress rehearsal” before regular season games.

In last week’s game, the Miami Dolphins starters played well, pretty much controlling the game in the first half, especially on the defensive end of the ball, despite several of the better defensive starters sitting on the sidelines. Once the Dolphin starters have given way to the depth players, the Chicago Bear were able to take control of the second half, ultimately winning the game by a score of 20-13. On the other side of the ball, the Atlanta Falcons suffered a loss in their first preseason game. , in the hands of Titans of Tennessee, by a score of 23 to 3.

Aside from both teams dropping their first games of the preseason, the time spent training against each other all week should be all the motivation either team needs to come out. and try to show their best team in order to get their first victory of the year. , even if it doesn’t really count for anything.

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Atlanta Falcons (0-1) 4th NFC South @ Miami Dolphins (0-1) 4th AFC East

  • Or: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida
  • When: Saturday, August 21, 7 p.m. EST
  • TV: CBS (locally in Miami); FOX (locally in Atlanta)
  • NFL Network Replay: 4:00 am EST
  • Live broadcast : FUBO TV; NFL Match Pass (Pre-season matches are live off-market)
  • Dolphins Broadcast Team: Steve Goldstein, Jason Taylor, Kim Bokamper
  • Falcons Broadcast Team: Justin Kutcher, Justin Felder, DJ Shockley, Jen Hale, Steve Wyche
  • A radio show: Dolphin Radio Network
  • Chances: Miami Dolphins -5
  • More less: 36.5
  • Game time : Sunny, 87 ° F
  • Atlanta Falcons SBNation Site: The Alcoholic
  • Alcoholic Twitter: @The Alcoholic


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