A salad that allows you to have your eggs and bacon in summer


This week, I’m cooking up a French bistro classic in honor of July 14, taking you to Lyon for a decadent salad. The Lyonnaise salad is the perfect way to enjoy your eggs and bacon during the summer heat.

Bitter curly curly leaves are the green leaves used as the base. Red radicchio, arugula or escarole all work well too. You can even add a handful of young dandelion leaves.

I often send my kids to the garden with special foraging requests and they usually get distracted by different things and come back with handfuls of buttercups or jam jars filled with lavender buds and water to make perfume”. All very helpful!

This recipe also contains a very important cooking method, so it is a great method for children to learn. There is an art of poaching eggs and patience seems to be one of the main requirements. Another necessity is to start with a very fresh egg. If you have your own chickens, you will know how well they poach. The fresher the egg, the stronger the protein and it will hold up well in the water.

First break the egg into a tea cup or bowl. Create a swirling vortex in a pot of simmering salt water using a wooden spoon, then gently drop the egg in the center. Turn off the heat completely and let the swirling heat work its magic for three minutes. Some people add vinegar, but I find it spoils the egg too much and isn’t necessary. The egg should be cooked until the white is just set and the buttery yolk is part of the dressing for the bitter leaves; the salted bacon adds hints of flavor and texture. It can be difficult to whip up poached eggs to serve a crowd. I usually have two casseroles on the go to make sure everyone is eating at the same time.

The fat from the bacon forms the base of the dressing – cooking so smart. Adding the shallots and vinegar to the hot pan of fried bacon, everything comes together beautifully. The raw edge of the shallots softens with heat. A nice, simple salad.

Recipe: Lyonnaise salad


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